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Attention: If You use the Zox Pro Training System, then this will be
the Most Important Message You Ever Read...

"Here's How To Sky Rocket Your Results With The Zox Pro Training
System... While At The Same Time Increasing Your Focus, Enhancing Your
Concentration, Turbo Charging Your Mental Abilities & Memory... While
Reducing Stress,
Becoming Much More Efficient & Organised...

Get Results After Just 6 Minutes... All At The Simple Push Of A Button,
With Zero Extra Effort! ...100% Fully Guaranteed!"

From: Todd Lee,

How is all this possible? Simply by listening to the `Infinite
Intelligence System'...

These meditation recordings are scientifically engineered and are
specially designed to enhance your experience and results with the ZOX
Pro Training System, while at the same time totally revolutionizing
your mind to produce some amazing results!

Sound hard to believe? Well it's all true! Here's how...

Dear Fellow Zox Pro User,

Hi, my name is Todd Lee.

I have been using the Zox Pro Training System, Mental Photography and
Brain Management training techniques, that were created by Richard
Welch and taught by Shannon Panzo, since the 22nd of January 2000.

Over the years I have trained extensively with Shannon in the Zox Pro
System and have been using it on a daily basis ever since first
learning it in 2000. The ZOX Pro System has totally changed and
revolutionised my life in so many amazing ways!

What's even more exciting is the fact that I have been able to create a
series of meditations that have dramatically improved my results with
the Zox Pro System, which have in turn dramatically improved my life
even more!

In fact, I would say that my results with Zox Pro have improved at
least 30 times just by listening to these simple recordings. Not to
mention all the other amazing benefits that have occurred as well!

Best part is, anyone can use the `Infininte Intelligence System' to
produce the exact same results!

These simple meditations start working immediately and will produce
results for you after just 6 minutes of listening to them! The longer
you listen to them and the more frequently you use them, the more
dramatic and amazing your results will be!

Warning: This Simple To Use System Will Dramatically Improve Your
Results With The Zox Pro Training System & Will Totally Change Your
Life Quicker & Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible!

Why? Simply because this system works for you on 100% pure auto-pilot!

Yep it's true, all you need to do is plug into and listen to our
scientifically engineered recordings and let them get to work on
re-wiring your brainwaves for success.

Best part is this is all based on a solid foundation of research and
development and actual proven and tested results over the last 78
years... and founded on work deserving of a Nobel Prize... this system
is totally revolutionary in every way!

"...Get Amazing Results In The Next 6 Minutes!"

In fact, when you use our simple set of audio recordings you'll
immediately start to improve...

Your memory and mind power!

Increase your mental clarity and awareness

Dramatically improve your concentration and focus

Boost your self esteem and self confidence

Require less sleep and yet have much more energy!

Become much happier and experience more health and well being

Reduce stress and become much more relaxed and peaceful

Become much more organized and effective

Skyrocket your IQ and awaken your `inner genius'

Take your results with the Zox Pro Training System to new

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of the amazing benefits you
will soon discover and enjoy!

Now, let me explain how the 'Infinite Intelligence System' will work
for you...

Just imagine plugging your brain directly into a scientifically
engineered audio session that is specially designed to powerfully guide
your mind deep into a meditative state that will bring about instant
and dramatic changes in your life...


Simply by taking the rhythm of your mind waves, slowing them down and
then harmonising them to bring about deep and long lasting positive
change... It will relax and revitalise you in ways you will have never
experienced before...

All totally 100% safe... And all at the push of a button!

What's more, I have created a series of meditations that are
specifically designed to guide your mind into the perfect brainwaves
needed for different parts of the Zox Pro System, so that you will be
in the perfect state of mind, each time you use the Zox Pro Training...

This literally guarantees your results can improve dramatically!

...So How Did All This Come About?

Well, let me tell you my story...

After first doing the Zox Pro Training in 2000 and discovering the
different brainwave patterns that control how the mind operates, I then
became extremely interested in the mind and I needed to know more...

So I started searching for whatever information I could find on the
topic of the mind and in particular brainwave patterns. I zoxed all the
books I could find on the subject and my research led me to a
relatively little known scientific discovery called 'Brainwave

So what is brainwave entrainment?

...Simply put, it's a special audio technology that can literally
'Expand Your Mind Beyond Belief'!

Best part is, this discovery is backed by years of research and

Back in 1934 (yep that's over 78 years ago!) scientists and researchers
discovered that the brain can be guided and stimulated to produce
certain types of mental states, a process they called "Brainwave
Entrainment". It is just like training your brain to achieve desired
brainwave patterns that can produce amazing results for you!

For example, a 4Hz brainwave is associated with sleep, so a 4Hz sound
pattern can be used to reproduce the sleep state in your brain. The
same concept can be applied to nearly all mental states, including
concentration, creativity, relaxation, motivation, plus many others.

It can even act as a gateway to exotic or extraordinary experiences
such as deep meditation and even "lucid dreaming" or ultra-realistic


...Simply because you will soon be tapping into the subconscious part
of your brain, which really is unlimited and extremely powerful!

Now, by the 1960's entrainment had become a scientific and medical tool
rather than just a known phenomenon of the brain. Doctors like M.S.
Sadove, were using Brainwave Entrainment to reduce the amount of
anaesthesia needed for surgery, and dentists like Bernard Margolis were
also using it to use less anaesthesia and to reduce the bleeding and
anxiety of his patients.

Then in 1973, a research scientist from Mt. Sinai Medical Centre in New
York, by the name of Dr Gerald Oster began experimenting with this
remarkable audio technology. He tested the effect on brainwaves using
different types of audio beats, and found that he could produce
extremely strong responses within the brain.

Further studies continued throughout the 1980's and 1990's and still
continue today because of the amazing potential and possibilities of
how Brainwave Entrainment can drastically improve the quality of your


Researchers like Dr Norman Shealy, Dr Glen Solomon, Dr Russell, Dr
Carter, Dr. Thomas Budzynski, David Siever, psychologist Michael Joyce,
and the list goes on and on...

"Simply put Brainwave entrainment can be used to stimulate your mind to
create desirable brainwave patterns which can bring the results you
desire in your life."

... I still remember the first time a close friend of mine gave me a
short, rather crude audio recording that used a very primitive form of
entrainment (much less advanced than the 'Infinite Intelligence System'
that I later developed) to try out.

Now I have to admit that I was EXTREMELY sceptical at first (as you
might be right now), but after I was finished listening to it, I felt
more relaxed and peaceful than I could remember, plus I was much more
focused, calm and mentally sharper than I had been in years. In fact, I
can't remember ever before feeling quite so switched on and mentally
stimulated as I did that fateful day!

The best part was, that my mind stayed in that elevated state for hours

"It Was Like I Had Been Awakened Out Of A Deep Trance... Yep, I Was
Really Onto Something Big!"

And it was completely effortless! I mean all I had to do was sit back
and relax and listen to a short recording and it sent my mind
completely into hyper drive! As you can imagine, I became very excited
about the possibilities...


So over the next few years I became like a mad scientist, on an
incredible journey of discovery, experimenting with this amazing brain
technology that had such an immediate and profound impact on my life.

I started to have breakthroughs on many different levels and noticed
that my mind was getting sharper and all things in my life seemed to
flow better and much more easily. I was becoming much more intelligent,
more focused, more intuitive, more creative, plus my memory was
starting to become razor sharp!

... Solutions to problems just seemed to flow to me easily and
effortlessly and things that used to stress me out just didn't even
bother me anymore. I started to achieve an inner state of well being
and a calmness that was totally unlike anything I had ever known
before! (The type of inner peace you might be seeking...)


And all because of the effects of some simple - but extremely powerful
- audio recordings!

Not only did I have personal, spiritual, mental and emotional
breakthroughs, but I also started to become financially successful. I
became healthier than ever before...

"...My Self Esteem And Confidence Began To Sky Rocket, I Began To
Assert Myself, My Intelligence Improved Dramatically, People Began To
Like Me And I Began To Like Other People... And I Started Building
Amazing Relationships!"

Yep, it's true... I became like a magnet for success and started to
attract all the things I had always dreamed of having in my life. The
deep underlying emotional issues that used to silently sabotage and
control my life were all of a sudden just gone!

People around me couldn't help but notice the dramatic changes and
breakthroughs I was experiencing. I mean my life had made a complete
180 degree u-turn so fast that even I was totally stunned and found it
hard to believe (especially because I had tried so many different
things in the past with little or no results at all...).

My family, close friends and colleagues started quizzing me and bugging
me to reveal to them the secret of my sudden and dramatic success...

I was a little bit reluctant to reveal my secret at first, mainly
because people don't usually respond very well to things that are out
of the ordinary, and that they don't understand. But because they
continued to harass me, I finally gave in...

And so the 'Infinite Intelligence System' was born! (More on this in
just a minute...)

At first, many people were disbelieving (as you may be right now...),
some unapproving, but despite this I finally decided that it was my
duty to share this amazing technology with others so they too could
experience the type of breakthroughs that had totally revolutionized my

Things like:

Extremely deep (and extremely pleasurable) relaxation and
meditative states of mind

Experience much quicker thinking and problem solving abilities

Reduce anxiety, stress and depression

`Super-learning' which includes remembering huge amounts of
information, boosting your IQ and tapping into your natural genius
(this is the type of brain function people like Albert Einstein, Thomas
Edison and Mozart operated with and is now available to you!)

Achieve remarkably increased emotional stability

Balancing both sides of the brain to achieve "Whole Brain
Functioning" (this is actually called Hemispheric Balancing, which
means both sides of your brain start to operate in harmony which
drastically improves the efficiency of your brain and massively boosts
your intelligence and intellectual functions)

Improved blood flow and circulation

Rapidly develop the ability to concentrate, focus and think
much more clearly (perfect for people with ADD and ADHD)

Experience increased energy, motivation, vitality and will

Better sleeping quality and in fact the need for much less

Gain heightened intuition, perception and awareness due to
stimulated brain activity

Dramatically improve your mental and emotional health, even
with stubborn issues that have resisted change with other approaches

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of the amazing things you will
soon discover and experience in your life with this system!

Impossible? Is This Science Fiction?

Science, YES! Fiction, NO! As we have seen above this is based on
science with over 78 years of solid research behind Brainwave
Entrainment to back it up. So why hasn't it become more well known?

...Why Has It Remained Such An `Underground Secret'?

Mainly because our culture is so dependent on drugs, and the large
pharmaceutical companies can't make anywhere near as much money out of
brainwave entrainment as they can from creating a pill to solve

PLUS, the idea of being able to listen to a simple audio session and
have it directly affect the brain to bring about amazing changes in
your life, on complete autopilot, is a little bit unbelievable at

...Until That Is, You Read The Research And Discover The 'Scientific
Proof' Behind It!

The fact of the matter is, scientists, doctors, psychiatrists,
neurologists and many more health care professionals plus self help
practitioners world wide have been using brainwave entrainment for over
78 years to achieve amazing results... so you know it will work for you

The 'Infinite Intelligence System' is based on all the latest research
and cutting edge developments in technology in brainwave entrainment to
ensure that you receive the most advanced brainwave training available


As you can see from the images above, your brainwaves respond
dramatically when they receive stimulation from the 'Infinite
Intelligence System', which brings about rapid and powerful changes
within the structure of your brain and in turn creates long lasting
positive changes in your life.

These EEG images were taken after just 6 minutes of using one of our
audio sessions and demonstrate the massive increase in brain activity
that you will experience JUST 6 minutes after you start using our

Yep, that's right... You WILL get immediate results simply by relaxing
and listening to our specially engineered recordings!

Just imagine how much better your brain will operate when you start
using this every day of your life! Your results will completely astound

You And Your Brain...

Your brain is constantly generating electrical pulses in rhythmic
patterns, called `brain wave patterns'.

"These Patterns Affect Your Thoughts, Your Emotions, Your State of
Mind, the Functioning of the Systems That Control Your Body and in Fact
Your Entire Quality of Life and Well Being!"

Here are the different types of brainwave patterns that you will
experience with the Infinite Intelligence System...

Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta...

These are the four different types of brain wave patterns...

Beta are the most rapid type of brain waves and can produce
concentration, arousal, alertness and rapid brain functioning.

When your brain is in beta you are wide awake and is generally the
mental state most people are in during the day.

However, Many People Lack Sufficient Beta Activity... Which Can Cause
Mental Or Emotional Disorders Such As Depression, ADD And Insomnia...

So by stimulating Beta activity, you can improve emotional stability,
increase your energy levels, enhance your attentiveness, dramatically
improve your concentration, increase your IQ and get your brain firing
and functioning much more rapidly than ever before!

Alpha brainwaves produce relaxation, stress relief,
stimulation of the immune system, and an ultra receptive mind for
accelerated `Super Learning', self hypnosis and mental re-programming
of the mind and more.

In alpha, as your brain slows down you are awake but relaxed. You
naturally experience this mental state first thing in the morning and
just before you go to sleep at night.

You can easily process, store, learn and recall large amounts of
information very quickly and easily when in alpha - in fact, you will
be tapping into Your Natural `Inner Genius'!

Alpha is the goal of experienced meditators, however, the Infinite
Intelligence System guides you effortlessly into alpha (as well as all
the other brainwave types) to make sure you receive the maximum benefit
every time! I have even created special medititations to use while
zoxing to enhance your experience and the results you will achieve!

Theta brainwaves produce increased creativity, extreme
relaxation, increased memory abilities, deep stress relief, and access
to the subconscious for highly effective mental re-programming,
hypnosis and also super learning (similar to alpha but on a much deeper

Your brain has slowed down even further and you are now experiencing
light sleep and extreme relaxation. Theta is extremely effective for
making rapid positive changes in unwanted habit patterns and also in
releasing stress...

When you start using the Infinite Intelligence System you will
literally feel your stress melting away quicker than ever before!

Theta is also where you experience dreams and also direct access to the
subconscious mind, which is why guiding your mind into theta can cause
you to have "A-HA!" moments of clarity and inspiration, and also
provide you with guidance and answers to problems in your life.

Delta brainwaves create deep healing of the body and cause the
release of human growth hormone into your system (great for reversing
the effects of ageing!)

You are now in the slowest brain wave pattern Delta, where you are in a
deep, dreamless sleep. Your body is resetting it's internal clocks and
is healing itself at the deepest subconscious level while reversing the
effects of ageing on the body.

Although generally asleep during Delta, after you start using the
Infinite Intelligence System, you will be aware of having experienced
something `other than sleep', kind of like a deep trance like
meditation that could not be easily achieved and definitely not
maintained for the length of time you will experience with our

It really is a phenomenon of it's own unique kind that you must
experience first hand to appreciate!

Now, I am sure you can probably see why putting yourself in these brain
wave states might... dramatically increase your effectiveness and very
quickly start to improve all areas of your life!

Are you beginning to see the possibilities here?

Well, perhaps the best thing of all to be achieved from listening to
the Infinite Intelligence System, is the "Whole Brain Functioning" you
will soon experience when both sides of your brain balance themselves
to operate in total harmony.

Brain Synchronization... 'Whole Brain Functioning'... Hemispheric
Balancing... What Does All This Mean?

Well, simply put, instead of using just one side of your brain to think
at a time, you will now be able to use both sides of your brain, which
will multiply your effectiveness many times over and will allow you to
tap into increased creativity... insight... enhanced learning
abilities... memory... vision... and will also put you "in the zone"
and totally `on top of your game' like never before!

By regularly listening to our special recordings your mind will be
guided and slowed down through all the four different brain wave types
which will cause both sides of your brain to harmonize, balance
themselves and ultimately synchronise with each other.

A harmonized mind operating with 'Hemispheric Balancing' (which means
your right and left sides of your brain work together much more
effectively) becomes extremely efficient, stress free, more powerful,
highly intelligent and will quite literally catapult your personal
effectiveness into levels experienced by only an exceptional few!

So you can achieve the same type of brain function that was previously
only achieved by the `super geniuses' like Edison, Emerson, Einstein,
Newton, Beethoven, Mozart... and other great minds throughout history!

Are you beginning to see how exciting this is???

Check out these before and after images of how your brain will start to
operate after you start using the Infinite Intelligence System:

Before Using The 'Infinite Intelligence System'
...Unbalanced Mind

Before using the 'Infinite Intelligence System' your mind might look
something like the above image. This was taken of a client before
commencing use of the Infinite Intelligence System and shows how
incoherent and unbalanced the left and right sides of the brain can

After Using The 'Infinite Intelligence System'
...The Synchronized Mind

After using the Infinite Intelligence System the same client now
clearly has a synchronized mind with both right and left hemispheres
much more balanced than before. This person can now enjoy all the
benefits of "whole brain thinking" and can now operate much more
effectively than ever before!

You Can See From The Images Above Just How Powerful This Amazing
Technology Is! ...Best Part is, You Too Can Achieve The Same Results
Completely On Autopilot!

Well, here is what researcher Dr. Lester Fehmi has said about
synchronising your brain:

It dramatically changes your perspective and experience of things...
you will feel more `into it' and will experience the world on a much
deeper level simply by using your whole brain, instead of a separate or
narrow focus that is achieved when you only use the left or right
hemisphere of your brain independently... There's a whole-brain sensory
integration going on and it's as if you become less self-conscious and
function more intuitively.

But hey, don't just take our word for it (or even just the word of the
expert researchers, scientists and medical doctors...), here is what
other satisfied customers have to say...

"Absolutely Phenomenal!"

"I love this program. I have not been so excited about something in a
long time..."
-- Greg Nolan

(Colorado Mental Health Institute)

"Increased My IQ!"

"In the short period I've been using this program, I've already found
evidence of its effect on my brain. I find it easier to focus and
recall information quicker.

[My work] has improved over the last few weeks and I've found witty
remarks easier to come by. That alone has been worth it."
-- Bernice Feldman

(Montreal, Canada)

"A Truly Euphoric Experience!"

"It was a very intense experience. I felt some euphoria afterwards
-- Jason Pfeifer

(Columbus, OH, USA)

"Extremely Deep & Effective Meditation!"

"Years of meditation practise have now been replaced by listening to a
simple recording.

I can now get the benefits of deep meditation from an automated audio

This program really works and makes meditating a simple process.

Anyone can benefit from this."
-- Chantelle Fletcher

(Manly, Australia)

"I Was Skeptical At First, But Now I Know It Works!"

"I can feel my brain changing as I listen to the sounds. I was
sceptical but this is pretty intense."
-- Patrick Delaney


"I Am Truly Amazed..."

"Listening to this program has completely revolutionized my mind!

I am truly amazed at how much clearer I can think now, how much happier
and optimistic I am, plus how confident I have become.

I have such an amazing sense of awareness and it feels like my mind has
been fully switched on - it's like I have now been fully awakened, and
before I was only operating with part of my mind and was only semi

It is hard to explain fully, you will just have try it for yourself to
know what I mean."
-- Gerry Johnson

(Atlanta, USA)

So, now that you've seen the undeniable scientific 'PROOF' that this
system works, plus the proof that ordinary every day people are
achieving `extra-ordinary' results with this program, you're probably
wondering exactly what you'll get when you order the Infinite
Intelligence System today:

Well, Here's an Overview of What You'll Get
When You Invest in the 'Infinite Intelligence System' Today...

Zox Pro Meditation Infinite Intelligence System

Meditation 1 - `Zox Pro Alpha Meditation for Zoxing ' - Value

This session is designed to be used when 'zoxing' or 'mentally
photographing' new material. It has been specifically designed to guide
your mind effortlessly into the perfect alpha brain wave state, and to
keep it there so your mind will stay in the Super Absorbent 'Alpha'
frame of mind. It will keep you alert and refreshed for hours.

This is ideal for soaking up that new information like a sponge! And it
will ensure that your mind stays perfectly in alpha the whole time, so
that your effectiveness while zoxing will be at its peak performance,
every single time, which will dramatically improve your results!

Meditation 2 - `15 Minute Zox Pro Recharge Meditation' - Value

This quick 15 minute recharge session will totallly revitalise and
refresh your mind and body. It is perfect to be used in between zoxing
sessions to recharge the batteries, wipe away and eliminate mental
fatigue and prepare your mind for more zoxing.

You can use this session as often as you like, whenever you feel like
you need a mental and physical recharge of the batteries (either
directly after zoxing, or even in your lunch break, while at work or at
home, to refresh your mind, reduce stress and prepare you for the rest
of the day!)...

Meditation 3 - `After Zoxing Memory Maximiser Meditation' -
Value $67

This meditation is perfect for listening to after zoxing to assist in
deeply planting the information in your long term memory for life. It
is based on research that shows that memories are consolidated during

Your mind will be gently guided down into a deep and extremely
refreshing Delta brainwave pattern, to relax, revitalise and cement all
the 'zoxed' information deeply into your long term memory. You will
awaken from this session totally renewed and your memory will be razor

Simply listening to this meditation after zoxing, or as you go to sleep
each night will greatly enhance your memory, keep you calm and relaxed,
and will improve your overall health and well being at the same time.

Meditation 4 - `Meditation for Zox Pro Triggering Techniques'
- Value $77

This meditation has been specially designed to be used while using Zox
Pro triggering techniques to recall 'zoxed' information out of your
subconscious mind and to stimulate the 'Super Learning' part of your

This meditation will put your mind in the perfect brain pattern to
assist in easy recall of information and will allow the zoxed material
to flow effortlessly to your conscious mind.

The specific brainwave patterns that will be stimulated in this session
will also assist to reduce frustration, keep you relaxed, while at the
same time refreshing your mind, which will greatly improve your results
in triggering and recalling information with the Zox Pro System!

It really will help you to Ignite Your Inner Genius!


FAST ACTION BONUS # 1 - Visualization & Manifestation Mastery!
(Value $57)

This exciting bonus meditation is designed to help you to visualize the
things that you want to manifest in your life, so that you can attract
to you everything your desire and to help create the life of your

It's true that visualization is a very important part of achieving
success and manifesting your goals and dreams. The problem is that many
people have difficulties with visualization and therefore struggle to
visualize and manifest the things they want in their life. This can be
stressful and counter productive when you are trying to properly
realise your goals and to attract to you the things you desire.

This meditation was created to effortlessly guide your mind into the
perfect brainwave pattern that makes visualization easy and in fact
natural, even if you have never been able to successfully visualize
anything before now!

With this simple meditation you will be visualizing, manifesting and
creating the life of your dreams quicker than you ever thought

FAST ACTION BONUS # 2 - In The Zone Meditation! (Value $67)

You know that feeling of being "In The Zone" when everything just seems
to flow perfectly and naturally for you, with zero effort, and your
results seem to be off the charts?

We have all experienced this at some stage or another, but trying to
replicate that feeling and the state of mind that can create this being
'in the zone', is easier said than done... That is before now!

This simple, but extremely effective meditation will replicate that in
the zone state of mind and will make it easier for you to access it and
operate 'in the flow' much more often!

It can assist you to produce amazing results in your life... it will
stimulate your mind to produce energy and motivation... and will put
you in the state of mind where you are naturally at your best for peak

FAST ACTION BONUS # 3 - Laser Focus, Concentration & Attention
Meditation! (Value $67)

This amazing session is just like a mental "work out". In fact, this
phenomenal session will actually cause you to grow more dendrites in
your brain.

What does this mean to you? Well, dendrites are the parts of your brain
where you access and store your memories, so by growing more dendrites
you are increasing your memory power!

But that's not all, this session will also give you lazer targeted
`super-focus' and will allow you to concentrate with more clarity than
ever before!

You MUST have this session to ensure you become as focused and
productive as possible...

FAST ACTION BONUS # 4 - The Deep Meditation System - Zen X
Series - Level 1! (Value $77)

This exciting bonus meditation is the first level of the Deep
Meditation 'Whole Life Enhancement System', which will start you on an
amazing transformational journey that will totally revolutionize your

More specifically, while listening to this session you will experience
a deep meditation that will guide, relax and rejuvenate your mind like
nothing you have ever experienced before.

This first recording will train your mind to receive the soothing yet
extremely powerful entrainment we have specially designed to commence
you on your journey of personal, spiritual, emotional and mental
healing on many different levels.

It will open up doorways in your mind and begin to awaken the infinite
storehouse of hidden talents and abilities that have up until now
remained locked up and dormant deep in your subconscious mind... and
will allow them to start naturally flowing to the surface.

Believe me your life is about to be changed forever! Be very, very

... NOW, to say you're getting some quality "bang for your buck"
doesn't even begin to describe what I'm offering you here. Sure, you're
getting $536 in total value when you add up each of the 9 sessions and
the fast action bonuses... But, today YOU WON'T PAY THIS MUCH!

Not to mention the fact that the Infinite Intelligence System has been
sold for $297 in the past... (and it was worth every single penny at
that price! BUT YOU WON'T PAY THIS MUCH EITHER, keep on reading...)

The real value for you is in the astonishing results you'll achieve
once you start using the system!

In fact, many of our clients have achieved results in their lives so
incredible that if I listed them here you wouldn't even believe me...
Suffice to say that you will undoubtedly get amazing things happening
in your life as soon as you start using the Infinite Intelligence
System today!

PLUS nearly every person I've ever worked with has awakened to higher
levels of pure consciousness... to an entirely new way of living...

A truly joyful existence!

As you can see, the course itself is quite unlike anything else on the
market today, which really makes it priceless. If you had to put a
lifetime value on it, it would easily be worth thousands, if not tens,
of thousands of dollars.

Now, because we have sold the course every day of the week for $297 in
the past, it took us a long time to agree on anything less than this
amount... (However, we did manage to come up with a very special
discounted price for you, so keep on reading...)

But that would defeat our main purpose of getting this incredible life
altering training into as many hands as humanly possible...

In fact, it has been very hard to get the final price worked out
because we had a tough time agreeing on a final figure...

Why? Simply because the information you are getting is so extremely
valuable that it was difficult for us to bring the price down as much
as we have for you! And let me tell you, it took a lot of arm twisting
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In fact, we decided that "this is our gift to the world, and we have to
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So today, we are practically giving this life altering training to you
for not [DEL: $497 :DEL] , not [DEL: $397 :DEL] , not [DEL: $297 :DEL]
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In fact, the Special Discounted Price you will be paying today is just

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There's more...

Now I know you're still maybe thinking that you can't risk $97 to give
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This is why we've decided to take all the risk away from you and
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Your Iron-Clad, 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

Listen. I know the internet can be a tough place to navigate. There's
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And quite frankly, not all programs are created equal. It's my belief
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But just in case you have any doubts -- any at all -- I'll make this
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Here's Your 100%

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This exclusive package is fully backed by our cast iron, 100% Money
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If you use the Infinite Intelligence System for the next 60 days
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However, if for some reason you don't experience the same results that
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P.P.P.S. If you're still unsure, just check out what these independent
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"Finally A Product That Actually Works & Does What It Claims To Do..."

"I am always amazed at how fast these sessions work.

As soon as I put on my headphones I feel my brain start to change. I
can say without a doubt in my mind that this product does exactly what
it claims to do."
-- Raj Kumar


"Personal Growth & Improved Relationships"

"After listening to this system I can feel parts of my brain that never
had any feeling before, I know it is working and stimulating my brain
like I have never experienced previously.

It is amazing how much more focused, motivated, energized and on top of
everything I have become. I have now been promoted at work and have
received a substantial pay increase since commencing with this System.

My confidence has increased in all areas of my life and I have now met
my dream life partner and we are getting married later this year.

I must say I would have never believed I could make so many positive
changes in my life just from listening to some audio recordings unless
I had experienced it for real in my own life!

If you have any doubts about whether this program works or not, then
put them aside and get moving with this right away, because it works!"
-- Jason Scott

(California, USA)

"I Had My Doubts But It Gave Me So Much Energy..."

"I am really awake after using the Wake Up Session! I had my doubts but
that is wild!"
-- Yash Patel

(Columbus, OH, USA)

"Inner Peace, Stress Relief & More Calm Than Ever Before!"

"Even though I was extremely sceptical at the start, I knew this
program was working for me when I visited my mother who I had not seen
for 8 months and she told me how much more calm and peaceful I had
become (I used to be very stressed out due to my profession as a

She told me that she enjoyed being around me much more now because it
made her feel more relaxed.

I knew myself that I was more peaceful and relaxed than ever before,
but to have someone who knows me so well confirm the positive changes I
had made in my life from using this system, was full testament to how
effective and powerful this program is.

I very rarely get stressed anymore and my life flows very easily now.

Plus I am much more effective in my profession and my career has taken
off since I started using the Infinite Brain Power program."
-- Alison Mills

(Lawyer - Sydney, Australia)

"Powerful Personal Changes... Now I Am Finally Achieving My Goals!"

"This program is truly amazing!

I have done all kinds of mind training, meditation, NLP,
visualization... You name it and I've tried it and nothing comes even
close to this system.

As soon as I started using this program I knew I had found something
that was going to totally change my life!

Just from listening to the first session I experienced a meditation so
deeply profound that has since set forth a snowball of events in my
life that is helping me to realise and achieve goals that I have wanted
for a very long time.

I have experienced multiple revelations and 'A-HA' moments that have
put me on track to living the life I have always dreamed of.

The more I use it, the more things become clear to me and my direction
forward in life is flowing to me easier than ever before.

It is like I have tapped into something that is bringing me the things
I want in my life almost automatically... It is difficult to explain,
but all I can say to you is GET IT NOW!

You will not be disappointed!"
-- Jeremy Jones

(Hawaii, USA)

"It Really Does What It Says It Will..."

"How refreshing to buy a product that actually works and delivers on
it's promises!

These recordings are like steroids for your mind, that is the best way
I can describe it. After listening to this system for the first time I
was instantly seeing results and now, 12 months on I am still having
major breakthroughs!

The advanced levels of the Deep Meditation System are phenomenal and I
am enjoying the new found inner peace and ease with which my life flows
-- Andy Mathison

(Ohio, USA)


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